Gravity Falls is a nominee for a teen choice award

You know what to do.

Anonymous asked: Yo ur weird

yo u r

iristhepuppet asked: MY CONFESSION: I love how Nate was about to wreck some ghost's shit after they took Lee in the Inconveniencing. Its just really sweet.

yo so I’m a busy ass grown-up who is too busy (and somehow, also lazy) to run a proper confessions blog. but you can still send asks or whatever and I’ll publish them if you want okay good let’s do a thing

Anonymous asked: so where is the submit


Anonymous asked: how the fuck did your computer melt


ultrajchapmanstuff asked: could you link to that picture you used for Pinecest confessions ,please? (you know the one where Mabel's jumping on/hugging Dipper.)

it’s a screencap I took from an episode myself that I don’t have anymore because my old computer melted

Anonymous asked: I like you. You make me happy on the inside.

yo that’s awesome but what the fuck with the new anonymous icon like holy hell goddamn hey remember the 7 up dot from the 90s I had that shit on GameBoy yeah that’s what you look like fucking cool as hell

happilyzayn asked: oh my god


Anonymous asked: Hey dude who are u

hey dude who are YOU