Anonymous asked: I ship you and the other Gravity Falls Confessions.

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snowflakesandfundip-deactivated asked: At night, when life's been really rough, I run through a bunch of my favorite Gravity Falls in my head. That way, I fall asleep with a smile on my face, and I end up having the most adorable GF-related dreams.

snowflakesandfundip-deactivated asked: Gravity Falls is the only thing that keeps me sane when I feel like my world is falling apart.

snowflakesandfundip-deactivated asked: While I don't understand or support the majority of the ships, especially Pinecest, at least I can tolerate other opinions and let people ship whatever they want to ship. In all honesty, the flame wars between shippers sicken me far more than any illogical pairing ever could.

Anonymous asked: I wanted to submit something to you, so I looked on your blog to see if it was back up&running. It says Submissions are open again and don't put them in the Ask box, but I don't see the place to Submit..? Help please? (this is going to be really awkward if it's right in front of my face..)

It was my bad, I hadn’t turned submissions back on because the new layout made it impossible to find the blog settings button. I ended up going to the url directly, so they’re on now, sorry. orz

Anonymous asked: Is the new episode leaked? If so can you post the link?

I think it’s on hiatus right now. If it has leaked, I don’t have the link.

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herecomestheyosh asked: So what's your relationship with the mod of the other GF confessions blog? (Your url without the dash?)

I’ve never talked to them? I don’t really pay attention. So I guess we’re on good terms?

I ship Mabel and Wendy SO HARD.”

Anonymous asked: Oh, wow. That last one was really offensive. For the blog's sake, you should probably take it down.

i agree it’s terrible but it’s not my opinion so it’ll stay

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nateholt-deactivated20130205 asked: this fandom needs to stop

stop what